Friday, December 13, 2019

Fire Starter

I am just a girl
No one special
Someone you don’t know
A piece of art
Hung like a canvas
Displayed, Times Square
These figurines from
Times forgotten
Disfigured girl whose
Face I don’t know
The vultures gather
Selling tickets
To a promise land
Venue unknown
For want this future
This girl betrayed
Seeking penance to
A life become
Ever I wander
This path taken
What I left behind
Promises kept
Searching tomorrow
A girl who wants
What she cannot find
This journey sought
A fire starter
Pretending too
Seeking only the truth
Lay me down in
Beds of soft feathers
Begin again
My darling this heart
Forsaken chain
A blistered soul
Solemn prayers take me
To where I fail
Please let me see you
Else I forsake

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