Friday, December 13, 2019

A train passing through

I ain’t worth nothing
My friends tell me so
Cmon let us play
You and I alone
Sometimes the way your
Mother looks at me
Deep in my heart true
I’m not what you need
Big promises made
A girl likes to dream
Maybe after all
We, perhaps can be
You and your fancy
And my everyday
Let’s fight for our rights
Who cares anyway
My ordinary
A train passing through
You never doubted
What I am to you
See me sitting here
Pretty girl alone
Are you wanting her
This voice in a crowd
One day her nothing
Is something indeed
Flying bloody high
Brings you to your knees
Oh child your mama
She knew that you could
Boys disappoint but
Girl you are the world
I want to tell you
Ain’t nothing you see
Be what you want girl
Get up off your knees

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