Friday, December 13, 2019

A Mountain Sigh

I am not wanting forgiveness
I wish I could see you once more
Sometimes what I want to forget
Reminds me, knocking at my door
With every bit of sunshine
This rainbow seeking rising Sun
Whispered madness creeping, wanting
A girl alone, showing undone
Excepting nothing my dear friend
You are nothing except my voice
Beautiful dreamer this life known
Let’s celebrate this voice rejoiced
Precious do you see me at all
Perfect this life wants to survive
My voice is like a waterfall
Beneath the clouds I never lie
Your kiss like a mountain sunrise
Glorious ribbons of majestic
Pull me closer to your heartbeat
This girl, my love is heaven sent
Truth I am yours
Written words, whore
Knock at your door
Obliged am I
Damned alibi
Princess denied
Will you hold me
Until I cry
Perfection like
A mountain sigh
Her demise

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