Friday, December 13, 2019

A dance neath the light

When it is time to go
The heavens will appear
Liquid moons of lightning
To guide us safely home
Our greatest joys await
Embrace us once again
No sorrow in his hands
Within the pearly gates
Summer suns they will shine
To help us light the way
Rainbows in the night sky
Take me where I am safe
Don’t take me for granted
Said old man to the moon
One day soon I’ll be gone
Who will miss me but you?
Peasant girl remember
Your place in my new world
Let me see your beauty
Let not my sights unfurl
Pretty is as she does
A dancer neath the light
Famous for who she is
This girl who makes it right
Stay will you friend and grant me
Your brightest shining star
Weight upon this earth from
A world so far apart

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