Saturday, March 2, 2019

Winding Road

A song collaboration with my dear friend Molly Hanna Gliddon

Setting out on this winding road
Taking me where I don’t want to go
With its many twists and turns
Tell me what am I searching for?
I want to hold you one more time
Time, you have taken your toll on me
Seeking truth in our memories
Travelling until I am free
Oh, winding road
Won’t you please take me
To a place, a place I’ve seen
If only in my dreams
From my rearview mirror I now see
Lost loves that I know never will be
This road I am on is lonely
Making music, my brothers and me
Country road, won’t you bring home
Given a choice, this fork in the road
Restoring this life that I hold
Travelling to a place I know
Time has passed and my light has dimmed
My darling I will see you again
Wishing for the what might have been
Looking for the life I have l lived
When my journey comes to an end
Less travelled is my broken path
Remember the times that we shared
Live the memories, make them last
If I should search for what once was
Across this land of bruises and scorn
Though our road may be less travelled
This road will surely lead me home

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