Saturday, March 2, 2019

Solemn Grace

I sit in solemn grace amongst the refuge
Seeing not the soot nor unbridled lacking
Yet I am present and still not really here
I blend like graffiti art on a brick wall
All of me discounted, never am I seen
A piece of a city rather forgotten
The sum of all my parts counting for nothing
Quietly my voice rages like a song bird
Dulcet tones that you seed in your gilded cage
Beneath mountains majestic and yellow sun
A heart beats, capturing glory in this life
Shadows of the soul remain unsettled
Giving breath to what is lifted and unearthed
Wings for those who falter and no longer rise
Seeking solace in the hereafter we make
Our swords upon the bloodied ground which we lie
Wanting forgiveness. Begging indifference
Mistreating our lost and forging our own truths

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