Saturday, March 2, 2019


I am filled with desire 
With every glimpse,
I soak you in
Oh how you tease me
Your coy ways
and nuances
You fill me
I come back to you, 
over and over 
You are a master
Every word, delights
and enthrals me
Such pleasure 
Born from every touch
You take me places,
I have never been
To worlds I can only imagine 
I writhe in anticipation 
I am yours completely 
Take me
Fill me
With passion and joy
Oh how you make me feel
With a single word from you,
I will cry, laugh and mourn for you
I will remember 
Never forget
This story you tell
Pressed from your lips
Pristine sheets of white paper
Glistened with your tears
I will come to you
Again and again
I feel your pain

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