Sunday, December 16, 2018


I am who I say I am
Ordinary is my name
No royalty in my blood
Not a Duke or a Grand Dame
Explicitly my nature
Obtuse in worldly matters
Just a small town girl with a
Talent for poignant blather
Shall we pretend much further
Like you dont care but I do
Talk about me
Behind my back
Whisper gossip
Like I'm a tramp
Let's see shall we, tell me why
I should forgive you; do I?
I am no one important
Someone that you used to know
A casual acquaintance
This girl who once loved you so
So lets do this shall we please
Lets make our mark for marks sake
Pretend that tinsels and stars
Mean something special this night
I'm naught but ordinary
No one special, someone from
This town, still I hope to see
This girl lookin back at me

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