Sunday, December 16, 2018

Carry Me

Wear me, take my breath as your own
Carry me to your place of calm
Clasp your hands in mine, hold tightly
Release me please when you are done
Taste me, swallow me with your tongue
Touch me, gather me to your breast
Shout out what I am unwilling
Wipe my brow, whisper forgiveness
For I walk with quiet footsteps
Upon soft earth swollen in rain
Seek truth in divine indifference
I feel nothing except your pain
Lift my heart unto his glory
Righteous breaths within my breast
Torn asunder what is broken
Lost forever what I have missed
See me bleed onto the canvas
Paint my heart like roses faded
Will you call me forth from nothing
Path to madness I am waylaid
Lay my head on feather pillows
Gently kisses, my fevered brow
Sweetly moan the sounds of heaven
Sing me softly into the ground
Rest my darling, please close your eyes
Seeking comfort from this night
Close the door my past forgotten
Shine on, remorse the dying Sun

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