Thursday, September 27, 2018

Sex and Drugs and Lies

They threw a blanket over us
Like it was a game
How many pills do you count
Take a drink she screams
Why am i even here
No one knows for sure
A few more minutes
Thy will be done
So far away from home
Peace in the valley
Knockin at heaven's door
All of this is bullshit
No one knows for sure
Escape a life empty
Sex and drugs and lies
What the feck is life's meaning
Ain't no message from God above
Angels and demons battle
For their happy-ever-after
All i want is to survive
Preordained and hypnotized
No one knows for sure
Perhaps one day soon
Glimmering hope pursues
Stems the wicked, weds the fool
At his altar denies my good
Nonone knows for sure

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