Thursday, September 27, 2018

Hell Bent

Bring me some cake
Let's celebrate
A candle or
Four to mark our
Passage through life 
Tell me the words
I need to hear
Pretty. Poignant
Worth my ears
Words to live by
Let's figure out
Where you went wrong
These angel wings
I am wearing
Tested and tried
Who are you
Why are you here
Kill this history
Start anew
Damn child
And so lost
Without you
A few pills
To keep me
Getting high
Imma rewrite
This life of mine
Don't ask me why
This is my chance
To dance once more
Bury the whore
Even the score
I wanna be
All i was cracked
Up to be when
I was just three
Create a past
Worthy of me
Maybe then
All my sin
Buried within
This four-by-four
They keep me in
My reckoning
Devil's blessing
Restless dissent
Hell bent
Misspent intent
Postage due
No return
Errant daughter
Sent to pasture
Time has run out

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