Thursday, September 27, 2018

Did I Ever?

Did I ever matter
I really want to know
Every choice I made
Unchanged my broken soul
Demons weighted weary
Unable I to go
You left me wandering
Lost inside false hope
Waiting foolish girl for
Someday you may return
As you carve from my bones
My flesh to soothe your wounds
I want only to believe
That maybe I was loved
Promises to fell this girl
In lonely she does dwell
Adrift in black waters
Her own personal hell
Reach please to quell this storm
Imprisoned soul expels
Lightening curses her night
When I pass up yonder
Her heart she leaves behind
Spill my blood dear brother
Whisper my name darling
Cry victim to the winds
Prayerful wings in flight
Forgiving me my sins

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