Saturday, August 18, 2018

Happy used to live here

Happy used to live here
Then he went away
Never returning
Forever churning
Wishing him back again

Jack is nimble and quick
Driving the women wild
A magical trick
With his candlestick 
An absolute delight

In a tiny storefront
Master cobbler of shoes
He had a fetish
For spiked stilettos
Selling his wares to whores

Father Time keeps creeping
Beneath my window sill
Trampling my roses
Stealing begonias 
Cuz I won’t let him in

Santa Claus no longer
Visits me late at night
Caught by the missus
She kicked up a fuss
And took me off his list

Mary has lost her lamb
Inconsolable she
Served her some mutton
Wow, quite the glutton
Her lamb was quite delish

Happy used to live here
With six of his dear friends
The lazy bastards
We’re always plastered
And now my story ends


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