Saturday, August 18, 2018


She stands at a corner
Wearing her smile
Come on in
Her father berated, chastised
All that she had done
Pick up your cup
Show me your sign
Drop a quarter
Give me money
You look kind
I am tired
No place to lay my weary head
Cold streets, beating Sun
I cannot breathe
Stop by a fountain
Pour water into my cup
Daddy’s girl suddenly all grown up
Trading friendly for dollars
Begging for change
No phone
Or change of clothes
Forgive me
Where did I come from
A good home
My mother loved me
My father beat me
But who cares
I saw more
From the streets that raised me
Pipes and lines I saw beyond
Chattel and crime
Wanting more I moved on
Choosing and picking
What I wanted to be
So here I am
Begging you
For a quarter or two
I am slammed
More than
Who I am


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