Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Second Best

I wish no longer to be second best
For once if possible please put me first
Roar of the crowd as they shout out my name
Makes no difference to me, it’s you I crave
Pick of the litter, ignoring the runt
So many options for you to choose from
Who is the winner, could it be me?
I’m tired of second, second’s no fun
With bated breath and all fingers crossed
Like a lottery ball my fate is tossed
Fanfare or Dear John please which one is me
Am I forever or a used-to-be?
I wish no longer to be second best
My wish is simple, not asking for much
A love true and pure to last all of time
Kisses and moonlight and your hand in mine
A quiet romantic who knows she’s na├»ve
Patiently waiting for her prince to see
Will never stop wishing ‘til her dying day
A single red rose for her lonely grave


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