Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Saturn Days - The Two Mavericks

A collaboration piece by 'The Two Mavericks'

You are 'truly' the gem of our Sun’s system
Far beyond compare, there just is no doubt
You caress all of your rings with such pride
It appears they enjoy the revolutionary ride
Revolving and spinning in a blissful rhythm
Your dutiful sentinels, all around and about
Your rings and things in all colors and hues
alluring to behold, bombs that have no fuse
You control the night, like some festive king
out in your onyx empire, such an easy thing
With this ring I thee wed
Beguiled by your many moons
Forever do you embrace
Sheltered heartache I swoon
Pale your shadows upon me
This night of flight in the stars
Beautiful your destiny
Pure wonderment from afar
Lustful and wanton you lead
For to claim me as your own
Wistful night darkens in light
Never far my heart will roam
Moons in heaven’s name yours’ all sixty two
They are small and large it’s just simply true
But these orbiters do only take second place
To your resplendent rings with all their grace
Oh sweet Saturn as the belle of the solar ball
Rejoice inside your sacred rings each and all!
_ End _

Collaboration with my talented poet friend - Doug Donnan


  1. Hola Tissy! Will you be posting 'The Two Mavericks' very latest collaboration ('The Forest for the Trees')here soon?

  2. Wonderful collaboration on the most beautiful object in our solar system. Fabulous writing: meter, rhymes, & amazing imagery. --David & Sharon Wagoner