Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Letting Go of Me

I held your hand in mine
You fade into the night
Your light once shining bright
Dimmed when the angels came
I have known all along
How badly I failed you
If only I knew how
I would have reclaimed you
I hold your hand in mine
The girl inside of me
Wishing for something else
Forever is unseen
What changed to let you go?
Fiercely freed from my grasp
I never let you know
How dearly you mattered
I held your hand in mine
I wish I was stronger
A girl frozen in time
Needing you for longer
Your sad eyes remind me
Rise from your ashes strewn
Of who I used to be
A girl that I once knew
Shatter this hollow shell
See who I have become
Every trace of you
Vanquished but never done
I hold your hand in mine
Weary I let you rest
Forgive me for my sins
The voices in my head
I remember this girl
Her smile a gift to life
Tragically unloved
You once were my whole world

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