Monday, May 7, 2018


I killed someone
I decided
With derision
My decision
You no longer
Mattered to me
And set you free
Broken hearted
When we parted
And soon to be
Someone that was
And now is lost
Someone I need
And now won’t be
The girl for me
I wish you were
The girl I knew
And now this past
Does come to haunt
Never I doubt
Shutting you out
And asking you
To exit the show
Without a bow
My dearest girl
My crazy world
Stories untold
You have to go
This mess I made
Victim you played
What you cost me
I am sorry
Trite and hoary
Dear God I am
On bended knee
Begging you please
Please forgive me
For not choosing
And for losing
The only girl who
Mattered was you
I killed someone
I am alone
Who I once was
Never begun
This girl undone


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