Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Toronto Strong

In honour of those lives lost in such a tragic and senseless act -

We lift our faces to the sky
Bask in the Sun’s warmth and her light
Everything feels so alive
Fragrance of spring kisses the air
Flowers bloom as temperatures rise
Our hearts free as we enjoy life
Torn asunder and tossed aside
Like garbage victim of his pride
Selfish ego takes a ride
In seconds many lives are gone
His truth of motive never known
Senseless our hearts left stone cold
This home we so lovingly built
Cast stones to sink in waters deep
Unbreathing my love, martyr’s gift
Smite the gong in rally of cause
Innocent are the lambs we slaughter
Mourn the death of children’s laughter
Scattered seed of life, empty gun
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run
Faceless Evil circles his prey
Say your prayers dear daughter and son
Ruthless pursuit sparing no one
Tell me to whose God do I pray?


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