Wednesday, March 14, 2018


I give you coins from an empty purse,
Creating a love born of dependency
I open my eyes with you inside
To really feel as you climax me
For one blessed moment, I was free
A golden Savior born of my need
I crowned him King sacrificing me
Blind to what I did not want to see
I needed to fuck, and wanted you -
to connect something broken in me
All men cheat
Mothers lie
People leave
Loved ones die
Shallow truths from those sworn to protect
I cling demanding you hold out for longer
Everybody takes and takes from me
Drifting and empty I miss my Founder
I spin my tale how it needs to read
Unwritten story how dare you leave
You’ve destroyed everything that was real
Manipulative bitch pretending -
this darkness threatens to consume me
Victim of all your condescending
Hidden whore
Sinner’s saint
God’s answer
I’m to blame
A make-believe life not what it seems
The masks I wear to hide my deceit
Someone to quell the fires that burn
Absolve me all my burdens and sins
Carve out my soul and still it yearns
Outside looking in a testament
Perfect life unsoiled and so pretty
Painted canvas, a Rockwell moment
Walking on egg shells shortness of breath
Please don’t leave me, I beg you relent
Haunted girl
Devil’s needs
Fucked up world
How I bleed

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