Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Shoelaces Untied

*A collaboration piece with my fellow Poet Candy Marie

It’s like your lies
My floppy ties,
I tripped,
You slipped,
On those stupid white lies,
You say you’re humbled,
Baby, I am crumbled
So why all this fuss?
You say sorry.
You’re unworthy.
This stuff.
Do you even hear me?
Never about us.
Your ego inflated.
So, over-rated
This meant to tie,
Only divides.
What once,
Was us,
Into separate lives.
So now I am left,
With nothing to lose.
And shoes that won’t move.
Shoes discarded
Now we're parted
You won't see me brokenhearted.
Ain't salvation
Hitting my final destination.
I will see you hanging round
Like the dirt left on the ground
You ain't no playa just a hound.


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