Monday, January 15, 2018

Pen Almighty

I wield my pen
For want of sin
The easy way
To have my say
And raise my voice
Thine eyes are moist
My words spill free
In Ink, they weep
When I can’t speak
And say my peace
Won’t be denied
Feelings inside
Want to let out
Silent they shout
Stronger they do
Lash out at you
If offended
You’re defensive
My expressive
Just my way of saying
I am tired of playing
All your way
So today
Pen almighty
Pent up anger
Hoity-toity airs
I am venting
Not inventing
Real is this verse
My wicked curse
That I share
Get off your horse
Allow my voice
It’s your choice
And I don’t care

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