Monday, January 8, 2018

In Exile

Surrender myself
My warring mind
Battle within
No end in sight
Dormant tears swell
Rising to fight
A small window
A glimpse
I can’t let go
Fresh laid denial
Traces of you
Your memory
Still makes me smile
If you
Did choose
Who would
Would you
Choose me
Thrown out to sea
Broken port window
Love and lust
Faith and trust
Shattered glass
watch your step
Cut us both
Apply pressure
Or watch me go
not a throwaway
no sideshow 
redeem me
or leave me
either road
I will walk
Walk with me
Or forever stalk
fly with me
or stay grounded
watch me soar
be dumbfounded
as I rise above this
Forever yours
or forever lost.

Co-written with Thomas Spychalski

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