Thursday, December 21, 2017

Red Penny

My sadness is spent
Not a red-penny cent
Is there-left-to-my name
And my tears they did fall
Like a big wrecking ball
This permanent resident
Who should’ve paid rent
My poems helped express
Expel my duress
Naked I undressed
Unraveled my soul
And now there is room
Bereft of the gloom
To celebrate joy
And all my blessings
That were simply resting
Until they were free
My view was so slanted
That I took for granted
And never believed
In the power of me
To those in my heart
Thanks for your part
Keeping me sane
Through my ups
And my downs
Adjusting my crown
When it tumbled down
I’m back on my game
To each one of yours
As Christmas draws near
I give you my love
In tinsel and bows


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