Thursday, December 14, 2017


This heart
Beating fast
My head
Starts to crash
Crazy anger
Feeling remorse
Guilty of course
My voice is hoarse
Tongue so twisted
And bullshit
I’m sick and
Tired of it
I can’t explain
Why does my brain
Twist all you say
It matters
Your blather
You're worthy
To this girl
I listen true
But I stammer
A jackhammer
Busting through
Winding like
A corkscrew
And killing
That is sane
Not my game
Maybe it's best
I failed this test
Does it prove
That your truth
Is ruthless stuff
I’m not enough
Your words laid there
Without a care
And leave me bare
So here we are
Hearts in a jar
Let’s examine
Feast or famine
Why do we quarrel?
There is no glory
There's no right or wrong
Displacement of blame
There’s only sorry
No win in this game

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