Sunday, December 31, 2017

Just another day

On this special day
We wish away
What we really want
A great declaration
With some trepidation
It’s change we are rooting for
A new day dawning
Hemming and hawing
On how best to be ourselves
A nip and a tuck
In for a dollar
Until the midnight hour
And so we holler
Happy New Year
With exultation
And elation
Knocks at our door
We start a list
Of all our wishes
And idealize
What’s realized
Can someday be
Our hopes and dreams
Could very well be
I’m so excited
I’m exonerated
From a past that was
Darker than night
Try as I might
To reverse it
And how the glum
Can be undone
By resolution
A revelation
And titillation
Over such promise
But to my chagrin
What was to begin
Is what arrived
Cloaked in disguise
Just a regular day


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