Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Dear Santa

Dear Santa

My book of life is near complete
You hold a special place
So many beautiful memories
That time cannot erase

The magic of Christmas morning
And always quite unsure
Whether you would remember me
My innocence so pure

A mom and dad to call my own
Was all I’d ever ask
I was such a good little boy
In this rural orphanage

I would rise early with the dawn
Keep my fingers entwined
Several gaily wrapped presents lay
But not what I desired

Never once did I give up Faith
I would always believe
That jolly old Saint Nicholas 
Would one day bring to me

A real papa to call my own
A mama sweet and kind
And soon one day on Christmas morn
This great gift would be mine

Today this old man remembers
A teardrop fills his eye
Dear Santa Clause he did remember
Delivered one special 'nigh


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