Sunday, December 17, 2017

Someone's Choice

We are all unlearned
Born of creatures
Who either hinder
Or who guide us
Gentle is their touch
Or harsh is their whip
Spiteful words of anger
No cuts still I bleed
Tender kisses given
From the shadows carried
Burdened with my weight
And when your chest grew
In pride swelled and true
The first person
I reached out to
Every day was you
A beacon drawing
My sorrow to shelter
A port in life’s storm
With you I knew i
Was never alone
You are not my mother
Nor my father either
You were someone who
Picked me from a garden
Of flowers overgrown
Showered me with love
And made me your own
I count my blessings
Every day for giving
You to me and hope
One day I will be
The same kind of dad
That you were to me


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