Thursday, December 7, 2017


Move your lazy carcass!
Said ass-hole to wife.
Clean the house, do dishes.
Make me yours tonight.
And “thump” goes his fists.
Upon his chest and
mighty is his Roar!
I’m the Castle King.
King of boorish boors.
Look at me I’m special.
Quarterback am I.
Touchdowns in high school.
Intelligence denied.
Bum knee. Excuses.
Pity me says He.
I’m better than you,
and my last victory.
Nine-to-five salesman.
Lost the winning drive.
I drink my sorrow,
daily. Am I alive?
Adulated and
excused for all of
the things that I do.
I never learned to
own all my mistakes.
Pay where pay is due.
Forgive me Dear Wife,
my rudeness. I hope -
that you will stay.
This average guy
is learning that…
Average is OK!


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