Friday, December 22, 2017

A Christmas Wish

I’ll start small
Not a wagon
Or a doll
A whistle
Or new shoes
But if you please
Have spare world peace
For war to end
And hearts to mend
That would be swell
A cure for disease
I’m sure you’ll agree
Is something we
All wish to see
A stocking stuffer
Filled with supper
To feed the poor
And thousands more
A friend or two
For those who are blue
And want only this
Love and nothing more
A few extra kisses
For those who are missing
Someone special
At their door
For hate to implode
And evil revoked
The ego humbled
Racism to stumble
Do I need to pause
Is this too jumbled
My Dear Santa Claus?
A few more things
That you can bring
On Christmas morn
Running water
Plenty of heat
Extra bedding
For those who sleep
On beds concrete
My heart does break
For all those lost
In the system
Who are victims
Innocent prey
All that I want
All that I need
I hope and pray
I’m not too late
My list is on its way

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