Friday, October 20, 2017

oh hell ya!

Transform yourself. Reinvent from the inside out. Take the very core of you and make it stronger. Better. There are potions. Magic vials filled with translucent crystals. Tiny non-descript pills restructuring and harmonizing. Sculpting and shaping. Tweaking. Siphoning. Extracting. Expelling. Oneness with yourself. Release your inner Goddess. Beauty in every morsel. Water is the life blood. Do it. Nike tells you to.

Society demands it. We are reminded of it every single day on our computers, our phones. Our televisions. Radios. When you least expect it.  Subway wall and billboard advertorials. Oh my, the bargains. Whisper the million-dollar secret in my ear for three easy payments of $29.99 plus shipping. Celebrities endorse them. Whoring themselves product in hand. Be like them. Choose them.

The plans. Educated doctors espousing fail-proof diets. Oops lifestyles. Avoid carbohydrates. Choose complex or simple. Low fat. High fat zero carbs. Listen to your Glycemic Index dummy!  Whole grains. Eat clean. An apple a day. Blood analysis. Protein shakes. Three square. Log. Journal. Meet. Discuss. Blog.

And the gadgets. Contraptions that tighten. Hold. Push up. Places wholly designed to take you and morph you into someone entirely different. Because who you are simply is not good enough. Relax you. Pamper you. Massage you. Lift this. Tuck that. Give you more. A little plump here. Reshape of this. Tilt of that. And they take away too. The cellulite Hoover – who knew! Why settle for anything less. i wonder whether they recycle?

From concealer to blush. Eyelash extensions. Hair extensions. Dyes. A palette of hues to help you be you. Foundation. Eye pencil. Lip gloss. Lip liner. Contour. Animal hair brushes that glide smoothly over your new face. Lazy? Permanent make-up is the flexible option for the busy woman with low self-esteem.

Keep it altogether. Your girls knocking about in a push-up by Victoria with matching panties – I would show you but they have disappeared. YUP my new bootie ate them. Girdles and corsets for the special occasion; showcase your willpower to the world. Spandex for the PMS bloat days.  Control top panty hose.  Straighteners. Curling irons. Crimpers. Be whoever you want to be. Just by their standards.

Stand in direct sunlight. Scrunch your lips. Tilt your head and SNAPCHAT. Spring blossoms, floating butterflies with ingenious filtered lighting making you look fifteen years younger. It’s Vogue baby. One pill. One day. One magic promise.  A handful of magic beans…the “Jack and the Beanstalk” fairy tale for adults. 

What do you see? Vivid green eyes. A beautiful smile. Genuine heart. Kind soul. Laugh lines. A peppering of silver in golden hair. A mommy tummy. Tell yourself how beautiful and sweet you are every day. Challenge societal standards. Redefine gloss & glamor. And to hell with anyone who says different. Be real. Just be you. An original.

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  1. Great post. And pic. So profound. Yes, Love yourself first and just see the beauty in yourself. Otherwise if you dont then others would feel same way. Thanks for sharing!