Monday, October 30, 2017


Perpetually classic. Aged as a fine wine, full-bodied. Naïve. A lover of idle chatter. Enthusiastic in all pursuits of the heart. Champion of the underdog. Fiercely protective of my children. Frivolous. At times jaded. Filled with bouts of self-doubt. Wishful. Boastful only in childish desire to share.  Crave approval. Flawed. Struggling with who I am. Perfectly imperfect. Want to be liked. Really liked. Care too much. Clingy. Intense. Huge ham. Lover of self-expression. Through Dance. In song. Fascinated with words. Carving something from verse and rhyme. Soulful. Artful. Hopeful. Believer of destiny. Doubter of chance. Temptress of fate. Possess Faith. Love myself. Cryptic. Cry easily. Mourn quietly. Risk aversive. Explosive. Gentle. Passionate. Spiritual.  Funny. Overthinker. Loud. Reader. Writer. Blogger. In love. Am loved. Real. This is me.

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  1. This is refreshing :) You have a way with words that's very poetic :) Enjoyed it!