Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Your story

Who defines meaning. The path you choose. The road you follow. Your choices. Your journey.

What you value simply is. Time. Distance. Love. Fueling your desire. Passion dictates your destiny.

A picture. A poem. Graffiti on worn brick. What moves you pushes you. Creator of your world.

Laugh more. Feel more. Do more. All you have in this moment. Today. Is your doing.

Paint what fills your dreams in slumber. Write what consumes your soul.  Reaper of seeds sewn. A plentiful harvest in full bloom vibrant with colours and textures you pick.

Desire nothing. Want for nothing. Ask for nothing. Free yourself. What steals your conscious? Make valuable what matters. Be accountable for who you are.

Live. Laugh. Love. I am all in. #iam

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