Sunday, August 13, 2017


In ourselves we are power. This outer shell embodies good and evil love and hate. In all of our wisdom our wants our needs our desires unbridled. Constrained. Held tightly fastened only by our thoughts our decisions. We are capable of everything, what ravages our hearts and fuels our fury lay dormant easily unearthed. Passion. Ardor. Curiosity. Driving the soul to a certain madness. Capitulating a frenzied feeding of our senses claiming insanity. In mere moments. With one choice.

Complacency the evil of ordinary. Acceding, giving our voice to the demons of false reasoning. Precariously tethered to a life they knew. Stifling. Controlling. Distance festers breeding falsehood. Displaced reality further from the desperate reach of what was asked. A new story written. In a foreign tongue. Misunderstood.

With you. A profound clarity. Friendship. Compassion. Souls entwined locked in goodness. In discovery she fears less. Demands more. Seeking solace. Rejuvenation. She touches you. Your hands. Your face. Making sure you are real. An angel unmasked. Injured. Two broken pieces. Joined. Unbound, her fury unshelled. Joy permeates a battered self. She is found. 

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