Thursday, August 24, 2017

this is my art

A single crisp sheet of lined paper. Freshly sharpened wooden pencil. A blank canvas. Freedom to express. Here you are who you want to be. Simple lines revealing a wonderful romance, exposing evil.  Sharing intimacies and laughter with a grander audience.

A few words. A chapter. A verse. Musings or drawings. The art of creation exploring invisible worlds reaching beyond what you know to what you believe and capturing it. Awakening this fantasy, taking your story to the streets.

There are no boundaries. Colour outside the lines. You choose – you are the architect, the designer. Spilling furiously out to the furthermost corners to get that last word, last thought captured. Wholly captivated driven in the process.

It is an emotional journey taking a character borne solely from imagination to life. Exploring who they are, discovering them as you would yourself only in printed form. Hiding nothing showing everything. Examining every little nuance of personality. Carving them a spot in your reality. Giving them breathe and humor and sorrow. The depths to which you can build and shape this person to your reality simply magical.

And when they see your words or your picture they know him. They know a piece of you. They feel. Laugh. Cry. I often look back to some of my stories weeks and months afterwards. Wondering how it came to be. What was I feeling or thinking quite in awe that this jumbled mass of words now is a piece of me for all the world to see. Disbelieving that I ever had it in me.

Taking a word and making it fit with another and another until it becomes a clear thought. A direction. A story. This is my art. This is my passion. Sparking your imagination from the fire of my own!

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