Friday, August 4, 2017

In this moment

You held my hand. Filled my mind with colour and delight. Painted pictures with every story. Every fable woven beautifully. I believed. I imagined. 

We struggled. You never showed sorrow. Fear. With you I felt safe. Free from worry. Mighty and strong you simply were how you raised us to be. 

A boy abandoned. Your childhood taken at thirteen. A man by reckoning. Success if it were to be measured by what you had overcome and what we had built. This perfect life. A reflection of what you wanted us to see. Broken glass revealing all that was false all that had been untrue. Built upon what you had desired. Fiercely guarded our familial blocks crumbled. All we were simply another tale, another chapter in your book.

Amid the rubble and stone I fight to separate truth from pretend. In the light of day and with passing of youth I finally see. Rather there was struggle. Loosened roots dusting an earth unsettled. Betrayal and so much hurt. A foundation unstable built upon lies precariously fragile. Fools, worshipers of each spoken word as gospel. Your words; what should have been your gift became your medium for our falling.

Still she loved you. Kept you untarnished a hero. My false idol upon whose altar we prayed. Untruths in every darkened corner hidden in every letter every closed drawer unmasked before our eyes. Your new life. The burden of falsehood crushing making staying impossible. And we mourned. Oh how i raged my tarnished angel. Disbelief and disillusion borne of our sorrow our tears. Clinging fiercely to one another victims in your game.

My unburdened soul finally free from the madness of your deceipt. The world you so carelessly shed unwanted risen from the ashes stronger and healing. This doting young heart who claimed you for her very own superhero breathes once more. Her heart guarded. A spirit united in self; knowing she like the mighty oak stands resilient. This storm too shall pass. We are defined by the strength of what we survive. Loved by those who stayed. 

Because of you I am.

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