Monday, August 21, 2017

fear not

Fear not the man. His hate kept close. Or his anger. For he is fearful. Frightened of what he does not know. Alone. Broken.

You are responsible for your story. Your voice. Your words. Someone may read a passage from your book. Shout familiar to the sheep who flock to his gospel. They remain followers. Weakened in false prejudice. 

Let him take your page. Let this be all he takes from you.

You are consequence only to your choice.  The sins of the father do not lay at your feet.  You are free to wear your mistakes as experience. Be not imprisoned or victim to the masses. Forgive those who have wronged you. Hurt you. Betrayed you. In this you forgive yourself. Do not let hate win.

Know your beauty. Inside of you. That gives joy. Laughter. A gentle soul. Kindness of heart. Give of yourself freely. To those deserving. And those less so.

This one life. Where magic is created. Be your truth. Fear only those who force your will. Do not let fear rule. 

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