Thursday, August 17, 2017


What do you see? A girl who says too much. Says nothing at all. 
Tells you she is happy. When she is sad. 
Still she is truth.
What do you hear? She laughs. In spite of her tears. 
Her sorrow hidden. 
Expose her and she will break. 
Still she is brave.
She is her reflection. No less. And more if you choose her. 
Still she is real.
When you create her in your image. If you define her. You judge her. 
She doubts who she is. And she falls into herself. 
Still she is beauty.
All of this noise. These voices shouting at her. 
Seen through your eyes. 
Drawn with your ink. She becomes a story. 
Still she is her truth.
There is a girl. She stands before you. Do you really see her? 
Do you see her at all?

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