Saturday, March 2, 2019

I'm Sorry

The sky no longer seems so blue
The fields of heather's brilliant hue
No longer filled with shining light
This day of mine has turned to night
Wearing this
Masked facade
Who I'm not
Real from fake
Nothing's left
I'm extinct
In the cloak of shadows I am
Tethered to ghosts forever bound
Searching for light where none is found
Trying to walk but falling down
Painted grace
Cinder hearts
Wishing that
What I lost
Long ago
Will find me
Maybe then
I'll be free
Summer Sun, stolen is my peace
Fretful dawn ne'er I do sleep
Winsome soul in this slumber deep
Gather these tears, my eyes do weep
Stolen youth
Carry me
Wishing that
I could be
From this grief
Breaking me
I'm sorry

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